About Us

Following the research of the great psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, Dr. Carl Jung, some of the best brains in the field of astrology have come up with the concept of CogniAstro, to answer the biggest dilemma anybody faces in life – career. The mastermind behind this all, founder, Mr. Punit Pandey, has the philosophy of giving more than taking. He wished to create something for the people that will always be true to astrology and helpful to anyone in need.

CogniAstro is created in pursuit of the same policy. The perfect blend of the modern and the ancient, the old and the new, this has finally brought together science and astrology in a way that Jung once envisioned. Founder, Mr. Punit Pandey emulates the ideology of the great Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst and the founder of analytical psychology, and following the extensive research of the latter he was finally able to invent the most precise format of personality and career assessment that Jung had wanted to present years ago.

After years of research and work in the field of psychology, Jung had acknowledged that the science of astrology gave more precise results than the prevalent form of psychology, which has been proven further in the surveys ran by CogniAstro Labs.

Following the policies of innovation, dexterity, creativity, and visionary leadership, as well as an outstanding culture of entrepreneurship, CogniAstro offers the most accurate insight into an individual’s psyche and therefore, offers them the best counselling, in terms of career and education. The aim of this venture has always been to ameliorate those who are facing problems and betterment of humanity with the assistance of the ancient and divine science of astrology, and the modern science of psychology.

This discipline describes an individual’s personality type following Jung’s psychological models, further explaining their dominant traits as well. However, on the other hand, instead of an elaborate psychological test, it makes use of one’s birth details to come up with the specific characteristic traits of the person. After conducting several tests and surveys in this field, comparing the data of psychological tests and astrological calculations, taking into account numerous celebrities as well, we have been able to prove that the astrological method of assessing one’s personality, and hence their career and education options is more accurate than the tedious psychological tests that people take.

Moving away from the norm, yet again, with the CogniAstro assessment, founder Mr. Punit Pandey seeks to provide a person, a better acumen of their personality and cognitive abilities, with an astrological appraisal.


Providing the most accurate career counseling report for each individual.


Help people in taking the right education and career decisions with Astrology as our guide.


To contribute to the society in the form of happiness of each individual.